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Stonegate Church {04.03.11}

By Rodney Hobbs in Stonegate Church about 6 years ago | 2603 views Link:

Thanks for joining TheCity. We are excited to see how TheCity will enable community and mission! As encouragement, keep playing and and learning. If you need help, check out the help desk (icon in top right corner). It has a searchable database of questions and tutorial videos. Also, it is vital that you join the right groups. Go here to see which groups you should be in. 
When you miss a Sunday morning, make sure you stay in the loop with us by listening to the sermon online or subscribing to the podcast. Last Sunday we began a new set of sermons called “change.” We are walking through how God uses the Gospel to work change in our hearts. As a way to prepare for the upcoming weeks, I would encourage you to buy a copy of the book You Can Change. You can buy a copy here or at the resource table on Sunday mornings. To listen to the first sermon in the “change” series go here.
MEN’S TRAINING DAY // april 16 @ The Conference Center
Stonegate men…on April 16th, we are hosting a “Men’s Training Day.” We are bringing in an Acts 29 pastor, Yancey Arrington, to work through the content of his book, Tap: Defeating the Sins that Defeat You. We would love for all our men to make this day a priority (click here for why). We’ll start with breakfast that morning and go until mid-afternoon (full schedule). Registration is now open, go here to RSVP
We look forward to gathering with the church on Sunday. 


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Stonegate Church

Stonegate Church is a community of people sharing life on mission to extend the glory of God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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